3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Immunity and Get More Sleep Tonight

Boost your immunity

You may think you’ve tried everything under the sun to help you sleep—you bought a plush sleep mask, you tried meditation, you’ve even gone under hypnosis! With everything you’ve attempted, you still can’t seem to find the answer to your sleep woes. The true answer may be a bit simpler than you could have ever imagined. And it’s all based on a tiny powerhouse known as your immune system. That super force within your body is a complex system that works to keep germs at bay and also fights hard to help you sleep.[1] If your immune system is feeling healthy, then it won’t cause your sleep to be impacted. When your body is sick, your sleep can be disturbed because your immune system is busy fighting off the foreign invaders.[2] With these three simple ways to boost your immunity, you’ll be ensuring your body gets the rest it needs.

Step 1

First, you’ll want to make sure you get enough sleep each night. Research proves that when you aren’t rested, it’s harder for your immune system to function properly.[3] Throughout the night, your immune system is able to talk to your brain about what’s going on with your health through a system of neurotransmitters and hormones. (It’s actually referred to as the interactive brain-cytokine system!)[4] When you’re sick, the pathways get interrupted and it can throw off your circadian rhythm. As a healthy adult, you should be shooting for between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night to feel well-rested and fight off disease.

Step 2

Secondly, you’ll want to find ways to cut the stressors in your daily life. Stress can affect your immune system and in turn, your ability to sleep at night. If you’re feeling the pressure of anxiety in your life, it can trigger an immune response that keeps you from getting the quality of sleep that you need to feel rested.[5] Try finding a hobby, reading or taking a nice bubble bath before you tuck into bed.

Step 3

Finally, make sure you include some immune-boosting foods into your diet. Foods that help your immune system function properly are spinach, yogurt, garlic, broccoli, almonds, and ginger. These foods work because they contain vitamins and minerals needed to help your body build up its immunity. [6] By giving your body the tools it needs, your immune system can have the nutrients it needs to fuel your protection.

Who knew that your immune system worked directly with your brain while you sleep? It’s fascinating. By valuing this complex system and providing it with the sleep, stress removal and fuel it needs, you’ll be raking in hours of beautiful sleep with just a few simple changes.

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