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The world is about to find out how well it really sleeps – and how to sleep better – thanks to SleepScore Labs, a new company focused on helping people understand and improve their sleep.

What is SleepScore Labs?

ResMed, Dr. Oz and Pegasus Capital Advisors have teamed up to form SleepScore Labs – a joint venture squarely focused on making a difference to the #1 underserved personal and public health problem – sleep. Powered by the most accurate technology in the industry, SleepScore by ResMed. We will enable you to truly understand your sleep and deliver, for the very first time, your “SleepScore”, the first clinically proven standard for measuring sleep in your home.

SleepScore Labs is currently in the process of examining how people sleep by compiling and analyzing the most comprehensive and accurate collection of consumer sleep data on the planet. SleepScore Labs will use this data to deliver ultra-personalized insights, coaching, and validated solutions that enable you to make informed decisions about the behavioral and environmental factors that affect your sleep. Our goal is to help you get the best sleep of your life.

For Consumers

It’s time to wake up to sleep!

SleepScore Labs is on its way to deliver you the best sleep tracking technology, ultra-personalized insights, and curated solutions to help YOU get the best sleep of your life.

For Business

Partner with leaders in sleep technology.

SleepScore Labs is dedicated to helping businesses provide better sleep solutions. Learn more about our services and about how you can license SleepScore technology.

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